Artist Statement

Landscape photography is my life. It is my passion. I will never tire of capturing the way light works with our environment, the way it sculpts the lands and turns even the most mundane of vistas into something spectacular. This is why I get up, and pack up, in the dark. It’s all for that one special frame that makes it worthwhile.

Nature is unpredictable, but sometimes the best images develop from the worst of conditions. That’s what makes landscape photography so appealing. No two images are ever the same. Additionally, we are privileged enough to live in a juncture of time where the tools available to digital artists and photographers are infinite, allowing us to bring our vision to life like never before. The use of archival printing techniques and materials further allows the final work to be appreciated for a lifetime. It really is the best possible time to be a photographer. I am eternally grateful for it.

More than the capture itself, landscape photography is a meditative process. It allows one to step back and fully appreciate their surroundings, surroundings that so often pass most of us by in our hectic, day-to-day lives. If through my work I can make just one individual stop to appreciate the magic that is the world around us, I will consider my job done.


Jason Round